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National Case Competitions
National Essay Competitions
Post-secondary Co-op/Internship Program
Federal Student Work Experience Program
Doctoral Students

National Case Competitions
casecomp2 2015SMAnnual Case Competitions are held annually in February.

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National Essay Competitions
National Essay Competitions are annual ....

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Post-secondary Co-op/Internship Program

fedjobsThe public service continues to be the nation's largest single employer of students enrolled in Co-op/Internship programs. Since 1990, the government has employed over 3 000 students each year under these programs. In partnership with participating academic institutions, the public service plays an important role in providing students with the relevant and practical work experience they need to fulfill the requirements of their academic program.

The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) is responsible for approving Co-op/Internship programs from which managers in the public service may recruit students. Accordingly, the PSC has established approval criteria which Co-op/Internship programs are assessed. These criteria seek to ensure that the programs approved by the PSC are those that formally integrate, in a structured manner, academic learning with development, through work experiencess.

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Federal Student Work Experience Program

fswepFSWEP provides full-time students valuable, hands-on work experience related to their field of study and allows for a wealth of learning opportunities. Students obtain fair and equal access to job opportunities across the country. Although students are not required to have previous work experience to apply, they must meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

There are many types of exciting and challenging jobs being offered to both secondary and post-secondary students. These opportunities encompass a wide range of duties and responsibilities as they relate directly and indirectly to providing service to all Canadians. This full spectrum includes office and clerical work, field and lab work, information technology work and working outdoors.

More information, including Eligibility, How to apply, Departmental programs, Featured employers, and
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Doctoral Students
This is a directory of doctoral students in public administration based in Canadian or overseas universities. We encourage programs and individual students to submit the following information: Name, thesis topic, university, advisers, expected completion date, résumé.

Beth-Anne Schuelke Leech, Department of Public Administration and Policy, The University of Georgia at Athens [resident of Courtice, Ontario]

Thesis Topic: Collaboration Behavior of Academic Scientists and Engineers: Effects of Institutional Structure vs. Researchers’ Disciplines
Thesis Advisers: Barry Bozeman (Chair), Thomas P. Lauth, Andrew Whitford, and Hal Rainey.
Expected Completion Date: December 2010
[résumé - PDF]

Jonathan M. Craft, Simon Fraser University
Thesis Topic: Political-Administrative Relations In Canada
Thesis Advisers: Dr. Michael Howlett (Supervisor), Andrew David Heard, Laurent Dobuzinskis
Expected Completion Date: December 2012

K. John A. Grant, McMaster University
Thesis Topic: Water Management in the Great Lakes Basin: Issues
Relating to Water Export, Diversion and Withdrawal
Thesis Advisers: Dr. Mark Sproule-Jones (Supervisor), Dr. Barbara Carroll,
Dr. Carolyn Johns
Expected Completion Date: December 2006
(résumé - Word document)

Roberto P. Leone, McMaster University
Thesis Topic: An Organizational Theory Approach to Democratic Reform
Advisers: Barbara Carroll, Michael Stein, and David Docherty
Expected Completion: 2007
(résumé - PDF)

Mario Robert Joseph Levesque, McMaster University
Thesis Topic: Unravelling Nested Institutional Arrangements (abstract - Word document)
Advisors: Dr. M. Sproule-Jones (Supervisor), Dr. B. Carroll, Dr. P. Graefe
Expected Completion: August 2008
(résumé - PDF)

Vlasios Melessanakis, Carleton University
Thesis topic: The Evolution of Bank Regulation in Canada: 1983 – Present
(résumé - Word document)